Bat Lash

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Real Identity: Bartholomew Aloysius Lash
Appearances: Once and Future Thing Part One
Skills: Marksmanship, gambling, hand to hand combat
Voiced By: Ben Browder

Bartholomew Aloysius Lash wasn't the luckiest of children. The Lash farm was stolen by conmen and Lash became an outlaw when he killed a corrupt sheriff's deputy in self defense. Lash managed to escape but he found his parents murdered and their home burned to the ground. Lash crossed the Mexican border and pursued his parents' killers.

After avenging his parents, Lash built up a reputation as a hero in the days of the Wild West and drifted in the American southwest. Calling himself Bat Lash, he became known for his gun fighting, gambling and smooth talking but you'll always see him with a flower.

In 1879, he joined a group of Wild West vigilantes in freeing the Oklahoma town of Elkhorn from the outlaw Tobias Manning. Lash went in first to conduct recon but instead he found Manning was a cheater and was rescued from the jailhouse by his allies and the JLU.