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Real Identity: Marina
Affiliation(s): Justice League Unlimited (Beyond)
Appearances (BB): The Call Part One and Part Two
Appearances (JLU): Epilogue
Powers: Telepathy with sea animals and psychokinetic control of water sources
Voiced By: Jodi Benson

Marina is the daughter of King Arthur of Atlantis and his second child. Marina also inherited her father's ability to communicate telepathically with any undersea animal, from Earth or alien. Because of her telepathic powers, Marina is more sympathetic than any of her comrades, even though it may also reflect naivety.

Possibly, in search of her missing father, Marina joined the Justice League Unlimited as Aquagirl. She quickly earned the trust of Superman who told her tales of his exploits, including that of the Preserver. When Starro began attempts to assassinate JLU members, it burnt out the micro controller and caused Aquagirl's training tank to malfunction. Batman happened to be present and recklessly used Big Barda's Mega Rod to rescue Aquagirl. After the JLU confronted Superman and Starro, Aquagirl made telepathic contact and discovered Starro's origins and plans. She later made contact and used Big Barda's Mother Box to transport Starro and its spawn to its home planet.

15 years later, Arthur was found and he endorsed Aquagirl as a JLU member. Marina now sports the 'A' belt buckle and emerged as the new leader. A veteran Superman stepped back and took an advisory capacity.