Anansi the Spider

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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (SS): Static in Africa and Out of Africa
Powers/Skills: Illusion Casting, Wallcrawling, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Carl Lumbly

In ancient times, when the Old Gods operated on Earth, there was a clever spider named Kwaku Anansi. Anansi wished to have the power of storytelling and made a bargain with the Sky King Nyame. In exchange for capturing three evildoers, Nymae would grant his wish. Anansi succeeded and caught Mmoboro, Onini, and Osebo. He was given the power of illusion and crafted the Golden Spider to house it.

Anansi decided to pass on his power to a human successor to carry on the tradition of heroism in West Africa. For generations, many have taken up the mantle of Anansi the Spider and protected the continent. In the 21st century, the latest Anansi opposed his archenemy Osebo from discovering the map to Kumasi, a lost Ashanti palance, which was rumored to contain the Golden Spider. Anansi protected the map's current owner, Dr. Anokye, and later met Static. Static revealed his identity to him and forged an alliance to defeat Osebo. They defeated Osebo and saved Lake Volta from destruction. Static admitted meeting Anansi validated him and he returned the sentiment.

Dr. Anokye continued with his expedition and excavated Kumasi. The artifacts were then allowed to go in display in America at the Dakota Museum of History's Ancient Treasures of Africa exhibit. Among them was the Golden Spider. Anokye secretly arranged with Anansi to pick up the totem. However, Osebo, Onini, and Mmoboro arrived ahead of him in search of the Spider. Osebo took control of the totem and nearly defeated Anansi but was defeated again. Anansi accepted the Spider from Osebo's prisoner, Sharon Hawkins, and returned to West Africa.