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Real Identity: Titano
Affiliation(s): United States Air Force, NASA, and STAR Labs
Appearances (STAS): Monkey Fun
Powers: Super Strength
Voiced By:

Titano was a chimpanzee to be used as a test subject in the United States Space Program. While it sent through training, it lived in the household of Colonel Sam Lane. Titano quickly bonded with the Lane daughters, Lois and Lucy. It also developed an affinity towards a Beppo monkey doll which soothed it. Its fate caught up to Titano and it was launched into space. Unexpectedly, the shuttle's booster misfired and was lost in space.

Titano's ship was caught in a meteor shower. Bacteria, hidden in gas pockets, were released and infected Titano. It went into a lethargic state. 20 years later, the ship landed on Earth. Exposure to the Earth's atmosphere caused a series of enormous growth spurts. Superman and the SCU turned to knockout gas to sedate Titano. STAR Lab technicians were able to stop the spurts and relocated it on a deserted island.