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Real Identity: Teekl
Affiliation(s): Klarion
Appearances (BTAS): The Demon Within
Powers/Skills: Transformation and Enhanced Physical Attributes
Voiced By:

Teekl is the feline familiar of Klarion the Witch Boy. It manifested as an orange cat with black tiger-like stripes and fulfills the role of confidant, servant, and spy. Considered a lesser demon, Teekl and all familiars don't possess a body but rather possess the personality that its owner needs. Since then, Teekl has never strayed far from Klarion's side. It also reflects its master's evil and has a short temper towards others.

When Klarion lost an auction for the Branding Iron of Morgaine le Fey, he sent Teekl to steal it from its new owner, Jason Blood. However, Teekl was unable to quietly steal it and caught the attention of Blood, Bruce Wayne, and Tim Drake. In the battle, Teekl transformed into a cat humanoid demon but was bested by Etrigan. In the final confrontation, Batman snatched the Brand and neutralized Teekl with it. Upon contact, Teekl immediately ceased attacking and obediently sat for the remainder of the fight.