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Real Identity: Starro
Appearances (STAS): The Main Man Part One and Part Two
Appearances (BB): The Call Part One and Part Two
Powers: Exerts mind control and spawning probes
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Starro is the last of its race on an alien planet. That fact caught the attention of the Preserver, a being who traverses the universe in search of near extinct species and relocates them in a habitat aboard his ship. Starro attempted to escape, but being similar in Earth starfish physiology, and failed numerous times. It bidded its time.

Decades later, the Preserver attempted to relocate the last Kryptonian and Czarnian; Superman and Lobo, respectively. The Preserver's arrogance made him underestimate the duo and they escaped. In the ensuing confrontation, the Preserver was ejected into space. With no idea on where to return the animals, Superman built habitats for all the animals in his Fortress of Solitude. Starro witnessed Superman's power and wanted it. It formulated a plan and waited.

Decades later, Superman was caught off guard while tending to its pond and Starro took control of Superman. Starro operated as Superman for years; although it is not known if it was Starro or Starro allowing Superman to function as in a dream like state. In secret, Starro used Superman to help spawn hordes of Starro probes. Starro was diluted with power and wanted the world for itself. Once all his spawn were matured, Starro went about trying to assassinate the world's super heroes to eliminate any opposition .

Presumably to draw away any internal suspicion, Starro had Superman invite the second Batman, Terry McGinnis to join the Justice League Unlimited under a false pretense in order to have Batman investigate the case of a traitor. However, McGinnis and Wayne managed to discover Superman was playing a part in the assassination attempts. Armed with Kryptonite, McGinnis tried to convince the JLU that Superman was involved.

The JLU discovered Starro's presence and pursued it and Superman to the Fortress of Solitude. After knocking out Superman and by extension Starro with the Kryptonite, Aquagirl decided to make telekinetic contact and discovered Starro's intentions. After discovering the probes, the entire JLU was taken control of except Batman. Using an electric two wench from the Batmobile, Batman freed Superman and the two helped repel the release of the probes. Aquagirl re-established contact and learned the location of Starro's home world. Then with Barda's Mother box, the JLU safely transported Starro and its spawn back home.