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Real Identity: None
Appearances (STAS): The Last Son of Krypton Part One
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength, Flight, Survival in Space, and Sponataneous Growth
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Shoggot are protoplasmic beings, the oldest of species, capable of mutating their form. Essentially it is a conglomerate of protoplasmic bubbles that resemble a gigantic amoebae that can grow to the size of 15 feet and larger. Its body has a self-luminous surface and can spontaneously form new body parts and organs at will. The Shoggot reproduce asexually through binary fission.

Eye witness reports state that they have the power to tear machinery apart and cry out, "Tekeli-li," in search of their former masters, the Old Ones. Since then, the shoggot settled on the planet Krypton, in its arctic regions. While collecting data, Jor-El narrowly avoided death at the tentacles of a juvenile Shoggot. Like the rest of Krypton, the Shoggot were destroyed when the planet imploded.