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Real Identity: None
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (BTAS): Cult Of The Cat
Appearances (GG): Cat-N-Mouse
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Senses and Physical Attributes
Voiced By:

In prehistory, sabretooth tigers existed 1.8 million years ago in what is today, North and South America. They derive their namesake from their overly long maxillary canine teeth, almost a foot in length. The most common species was named the Smilodon and they were so robust at 120 to 880 pounds, that their body is more comparable to a bear than a cat. They went extinct in 10,000 BC, around the time their prey also died out. Others in the scientific community believe the arrival of early man caused the cat's extinction.

While tinkering with a time machine, Catwoman briefly encountered a sabretooth. Some time later, Thomas Blake's Cult of the Cat hired a team of geneticists to recreate the beast. Their efforts succeeded and the tiger became part of their member induction ceremony. An innocent had to be sacrificed to it to prove the inductee's loyalty. Catwoman chose Batman. However, things were not as they seemed. The tiger escaped its arena and attacked the Cultists. Perhaps Catwoman's feline empathy appealed to it or it was mistreated by the Cult, but in any case, it was confiscated by the Gotham City Police. It is unknown if it was put down or given to a zoo.