The Prometheon

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Real Identity: The Prometheon
Appearances (STAS): The Prometheon
Powers: Super Strength and Energy Absorption
Voiced By: Frank Welker

An alien race too frail to carry out their own heavy labor constructed a giant synthetic being. It was built for strength and minimal labor. For fuel, it would absorb the energy off of objects. However, the heat from the planet's sun overwhelmed it with power and it berserked. The aliens were able to deactivate the being and launched it into space tied down to a meteor. They also left a transmitter with a binary code that warned any sentient race of danger.

After some time, the meteor was on a collision course with Earth. STAR Labs formed a joint operation with the US government to destroy it. Professor Hamilton enlisted the help of Superman despite objections from General Hardcastle. At the last second, the Prometheon was discovered and the explosive incendaries re-energized the being and propelled it to Earth. The Prometheon trekked to Metropolis and fed on its energy sources. Superman lured the Prometheon to the hydroelectric dam where Hamilton and his team set off a solution that froze the being in its place.