Preserver's Zoo

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Real Identity: None
Appearances (STAS): The Main Man Part One, Part Two, Blasts From The Past Part One, Part Two, Bizarro's World, Little Big Head Man, and Legacy
Appearances (BB): The Call Part Two
Appearances (JLU): For The Man Who Has Everything
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Preserver is a collector of the last specimens of alien races throughout the universe. For the most part, the Preserver went unchallenged and took animals that were partially sentient. One being it took against its will was Starro, the last starfish of an ocean planet. Each animal was stored in a habitat that simulated their natural surroundings. Over time, the Preserver grew arrogant and lost sight of his goal.

He set his sights on Superman, the last Kryptonian. However, Superman's powers would prove to be difficult to overcome. The Preserver devised a plan to manipulate the last Czarnian, Lobo into luring Superman to a trap in space. The Preserver would then impriosn both beings for his collection. Superman broke free of his enclosure and begrudgingly released Lobo to help in his escape. Together, they killed the Preserver after he was pulled into outer space.

Unable to find a way to return every animal to their home planets, Superman took the animals and housed each one in pens he created in a sector of his Fortress of Solitude. Some time later, Bizarro stole one of the animals and named it Krypto. Superman didn't persist and allowed him to keep it. Decades later, well into the mid-21st century, Superman was taken over by one of the animals, Starro, for years. After some of his JLU teammates boomed to the Fortress, they uncovered Starro's plans and ultimately Batman saved the world. Aquagirl used her animal telepathy to return Starro and its spawn to the planet it was taken from.