Old Ones

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Real Identity: None
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (JL): The Terror Beyond Part One and Two
Powers: Enhanced Physical Attributes, Flight, Survival Underwater, and Energy Projection
Voiced By: Not Applicable

When Earth first came to be, it was inhabitated by extradimensional beings referred to as the original demons and ruled the planet for countless eons. It is believed they formed the first known civilization and supplied their slaves with knowledge of agriculture, mathematics, and philosophy. Their leader was the most powerful of them all, Icthulthu. Their reach expanded across the universe, even to distant Thanagar. An unspecified source banished the Old Ones to a parallel reality. They once breached the portal between realities and attacked the city of Altantis. The sorceror king at the time, Poseidon, focused the planet's magic into the Trident and rebanished the Old Ones. With the planet's magic drained, Atlantis's spells failed and it sank into the ocean.

Generations later, the portal became weak again and Old Ones began to travel to Earth again. Dr. Fate allied with Aquaman and planned to use Solomon Grundy to repair the fissure. In the meantime, Superman realized their connection with the realm of magic when he was injured and Hawkgirl's mace was a suitable weapon against them. In search of answers in the Tower of Fate, the League interrupted Dr. Fate's spell. The Old Ones rushed through and Atlantis' army fought a valiant battle and drove them back into their dimension. Superman, Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, Dr. Fate, and Solomon Grundy elected to enter the dimension and defeat the Old Ones once and for all. Their journey ended when they were found by Icthulthu. Grundy and Hawkgirl destroyed it as the others resealed the fissure with the Trident of Poseidon.