Notchka and Shaka

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Real Identity: Notchka and Shaka
Affiliation(s): Mr. Freeze
Appearances (BTAS): Subzero
Powers: Arctic Survival, Swimming, and Above Average Physical Attributes
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Notchka and Shaka are a pair of polar bears owned by Mr. Freeze. After his brief partnership with Grant Walker, Freeze relocated to the Arctic Circle with his wife and befriended the polar boys and a young boy named Koonak. Together, they lived in peace for some time. Notchka and Shaka would accompany Freeze when he went diving for dinner.

However, when a submarine disturbed their sanctuary, Freeze struggled to save Nora Fries. They resurfaced near Gotham in search of a donor match. Notchka and Shaka helped kidnap Barbara Gordon and later defend the abandoned oil rig that Freeze used as his temporary base of operations. Sometime between news of Fries' survival and his return to Gotham, Freeze parted ways with the bears.