Mountain Lion

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Real Identity: None
Appearances (BTAS): The Cat and the Claw Part Two
Powers/Skills: Adaptation, Hunting, and Pouncing
Voiced By: None

The Mountain Lion is infamous for having more than 40 names in the English language. More known as the puma or cougar, the Mountain Lion inhabits anywhere between Canada and South America. It is considered the 4th largest cat in the world and like most, lives a mostly solitary life, and survives through stalking its prey. Due to human expansion, the population of Mountain Lions have decreased.

Feline activist, Selina Kyle lobbied for land outside of Gotham to be used as a wildcat sancutary. Her efforts were undone when Multigon International bought the land and planned to develop it. However, Kyle found out this was a front for the terrorist Red Claw. She mainly was using the land for it's abandoned military bunker as a staging ground for a biological blackmail scheme. Batman and Catwoman fought and defeated Red Claw. However, the real credit goes to a Mountain Lion that pounced on Red Claw before she could kill Catwoman. It is assumed the land was turned into a preserve after the fiasco.