Joker Fish

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Real Identity: None
Affiliation(s): The Joker
Appearances (BTAS): The Laughing Fish
Appearances (GG): Ms'ing In Action
Powers/Skills: Swimming
Voiced By: None

As part of his scheme, the Joker infected all of Gotham's fish with a diluted version of his Joker toxin, making it non-lethal to humans but complete with his warped smile. In an effort to make money legally, Joker wanted to copyright the Joker Fish. He already knew he would be denied at the Office of Copyrights but used the fiasco to target G Carl Francis, a lowly bureaucrat. After infecting Francis, Joker targeted Thomas Jackson, another bureaucrat. He infected Jackson's cat with a Jokerized Japanese Tang. As a result, it infiltrated his police protected home easily and infected the disguised Jackson.

Batman and Detective Bullock deduced the Japanese Tang was from the Oceanside Aquarium and confronted the criminal. Despite the toxin's potency, it was unable to mutate some of the more menacing sea animals such as sharks and piranha, and the Joker quickly abandoned any plans related to Joker Fish. Some Joker Fish were confiscated by the Gotham City Police Department and stored in the Special Crimes Dangerous Evidence Vault.