Giant Snake

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Real Identity: None
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (JL): Paradise Lost Part One
Powers: Enhanced Physical Attributes, Constriction, and Pyrokinesis
Voiced By: Not Applicable

In South America, anaconda are reportedly able to grow up to 150 feet in length, the size of a football field. Likewise, ancient races often worshipped them as gods and are depicted as familiars of higher beings. In an effort to prevent Tartarus from being reopened, the key was broken into several pieces and spread across the world. One was sealed in a vase and kept in a South American temple to be guarded by a giant snake. In 1907, Percy Fawcett claimed he found a 62 foot long anaconda in Brazil but the sighted was unverified.

Today, only anaconda of 30 feet are found. In search of the key fragments to help Wonder WOman rescue her people, J'onn Jonzz and the Flash found the temple and fought the snake. After Jonzz was weakened by the snake's fire breathing ability, the Flash tricked it and entangled it into a knot. The duo left with the fragment in their possession.