Giant Roaches

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Real Identity: None
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (JL): Hereafter Part Two
Powers: Enhanced Physical Attributes
Voiced By: Not Applicable

In the 21st century, Vandal Savage destroyed and took over Earth with his gravitational powers, some animal species began to evolve. Dragonflies, in particular, grew into giants the size of a car. The most daunting and aggressive of these were the roaches, who became the most dominant species on the planet. Operating out of a central mound, the giant roaches scavenge the nearby vicinity, a desert and jungle for food.

In approximately 6971 A.D. or so, the roaches entered Savage's home and stole his Zero Point Generator. To the roaches, it was a viable source of warmth for their mound. After realizing his stolen Zero Point Generator was the only key to changing the past, Savage and a time lost Superman set out to take back the device from the Giant Roaches. To get there in a reasonable amount of time, they rode two giant dragonflies to the roaches' mound. Unfortunately, the dragonflies were defenseless and were quickly devoured by sentry roaches. The duo made their way into the mound and narrowly escaped certain death. Revived by the power of the Generator, Superman drove off the roaches. After Superman returned to the past and rectified a theft, these timeline ceased to be and so did the insects.