Giant Octopus

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Real Identity: None
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (JLU): Wake the Dead
Powers: Enhanced Physical Attributes, Ink Secretion, and Dynamic Camoflauge
Voiced By: Not Applicable

First appearing in Homer's Odyssey circa 650 B.C., a monster named Skylla is recounted. Living near a rock formation, it waited and swallowed up ships that passed by. In 1802, Pierre Denys de Montfort formally acknowledged the existence of two species of giant octopus in the Histoire Naturelle Generale et Particuliere des Mollusques, an encyclopedia of mollusks. One was the kraken, which were reported by Norwegian sailors and American whalers. The other was the colossal octopus in which one was reported attacking a French shop near Angola in 1801. 95 years later, the remains of a giant octopus appeared on the shores of St. Augustine, Florida. However, scientists concluded it was nothing more than whale blubber.

Others continued to persist that Octopus Giganteus exists near the Bermuda Triangle where the ocean goes deepest. Reportedly growing to an arm span of 200 feet and a beak of 4 feet in diameter, Giganteus is an intelligent beast of multiple personalities. However, it is loyal to the command of King Arthur of Atlantis. While responding to a sighting of Solomon Grundy, Aquaman arrived with an Octopus Giganteus who quickly prevented a bridge collapse and saved dozens of innocent bystanders.