Giant Bulldog

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Real Identity: None
Appearances (BB): Ace in the Hole
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Senses and Enhanced Strength
Voiced By: A dog

In an effort to make dog fights more lucrative, Ronny Boxer began to experiment with bio-chemicals such as seristone, trithane and zirconite to create a hormone cocktail. Boxer's first trial run was on a bulldog. The dog was overdosed and grew to gigantic proportions, as tall as a house. Rather than kill it, Boxer decided to keep the dog and imprisoned it within a special cage.

Years later, when Batman confronted Boxer aboard a floating barge, he released the dog to fight Batman. Batman was unable to remain cloaked nor overpower it and his suit was torn to shreds. Thanks to Ace's intervention, Batman rallied himself and shot a grapple line into the dog's mouth and connected it to his belt. As a result, the behemoth was electrocuted into submission.