Dodo Bird

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Real Identity: None
Appearances (STAS): The Main Man Part Two
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By:

The dodo bird, Raphus cucullatus, was a flight-less bird living on the island of Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean. Theorized to have evolved from Southeast Asian pigeons, the dodo bird eventually evolved to the lack of predators and no longer flew. At only a meter tall and 40 pounds or so, the bird has gray feathers, stout legs, small wings, and a 9 inch hooked beak. It is often observed to be fat and clumsy. Its main dietary source was from the tambalacoque and likewise, the bird helped germinate it and keep it from going extinct. The dodo bird encountered humans sometime in the late 16th century and soon met extinction through the introduction of alien species like pigs and dogs.

Unknown to man, the Preserver predicted the dodo's impending extinction and took at least one aboard his ship and housed it in a special sanctuary that simulated Earth, down to its yellow sun radiation. Some centuries later, Superman realized her could regain his powers by entering the habitat and tricked Lobo's rivals to throw him in. After the Preserver was shot out into space, Superman assumed custody of all his animals and housed them in the Fortress of Solitude. It is unknown if Superman kept the dodo or donated it to the scientific community at large.