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Real Identity: None
Appearances (STAS): The Hand of Fate
Appearances (JL/U): A Knight of Shadows Part One, Part Two, The Greatest Story Never Told, Wake the Dead, and The Balance
Powers/Skills: Immortality, Possession, Flight, Enhanced Physical Attributes, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Various

Long believed to be either a spiritual force or evil beings, demons are a part of all cultures' religions and folklore. While some perceive them as angels banished from Heaven, others consider demons to be physical manifestations of the elements. Before recorded time, the original demons, referred to as the Old Ones, first arrived on Earth and dominated it. But due to an unknown force, they were banished to a parallel dimension. Then a second generation of demons, far less powerful and intelligent, began to appear but were delegated to places such as Tartarus and organized through a hierarchical power structure, ultimately answering to the Lords of Chaos. It is unknown if this second generation were spawn of the Old Ones or deviated from an entirely different source. The most notable aspect of these new demons were the power to possess living beings.

Centuries later, in the modern age, Karkull, 7th Level Lord of the Inner Pit, was freed from the Artifact of Lorta and began to transform humans by possessing them with his demon subjects. Superman and Dr. Fate, Karkull's long-time adversary, fought to trap Karkull again and succeeded. Those empowered with dark magic such as Morgaine Le Fey and Mordru often employ demons as their soldiers both in ancient times and present day. Years later, at Louisiana University, a trio of nerds attempted to summon a powerful demon to give them the power to exact revenge on their tormentors. When the spell was disrupted, the latent dark magic corrupted and resurrected Solomon Grundy. Shayera Hol utilized her magic repelling mace to kill Grundy again and free him of the demon energies. A short time later, Wonder Woman and Hol were dispatched to Tartarus to reinstate Hades after Felix Faust unseated him and disrupted the balance of magic. Even they were prey to the influence of Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth.