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Real Identity: None
Appearances (JL): Metamorphosis Part Two
Powers/Skills: Transmutation and Enhanced Strength
Voiced By:

Simon Stagg began to market his pet project, Metamorpho as a chemically altered worker who can survive and thrive in any environment, including those dangerous to a regular person. After testing his mutagen on Rex Mason, Stagg realized the military applications of Metamorpho and sought to perfect the process.

Creating a synthoid composed of artifical proteins, Stagg went into full scale production but Mason, now Metamorpho, intervened. An electrical feedback transferred Stagg's mind into the first synthoid and it then evolved into a giant monster driven by Stagg's base desire to protect his daughter Sapphire Stagg. The monster rampaged through the city and kidnapped her. Batman deduced a complex polypeptide would destroy it. Against Batman's wishes, Metamorpho elected to transform himself into the peptide and sacrifice himself. Metamorpho entered the monster's body, mimicked the peptide and imploded himself. It was a success and the monster was no more. At the instant it was destroyed, Stagg awoke from his coma and died.