Bud and Lou

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Real Identity: None
Appearances (BTAS): The Man Who Killed Batman, Harley and Ivy, Harlequinade, Harley's Holiday, Joker's Millions, Old Wounds, Girls Nite Out, Mad Love, Beware the Creeper, and Chase Me
Skills: Heightened senses, tracking and mauling
Voiced By:

Bud and Lou are a pair of Laughing Hyena. Also known as the Spotted Hyena, they inhabit anywhere south of the Sahara Desert and live in clans led by a powerful female. Infamous for being scavengers, African mythology cites the Laughing Hyena as the symbol of immorality and deprave thoughts. This appears to be the appeal that led the pair to be chosen as pets of the Joker along with their Joker-esque profile and giggling. The pair is affectionately referred to as children by Harley Quinn. Not meant for a domesticated life, they seem to listen only to Quinn, their substitute matriarch, and are trained to attack Batman on sight. On one occassion, they even realized Bruce Wayne was Batman. When the Joker and Quinn are bested by Batman and arrested, Bud and Lou are often delegated to the Gotham Zoo until their masters escape, that is.