Boa Constrictor

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Real Identity: None
Appearances (BTAS): Fire from Olympus and Animal Act
Skills: Constriction
Voiced By:

The Boa Constrictor is a larger species of snake that reside in Central America, South America, and part of the Caribbean. They are known to grow to lengths of 3 to 13 feet and weigh 60 pounds on average, with females being larger than their male counterparts. The Boa's snakeskin is generally brown, gray, and cream with a red and gold saddle pattern. Rather than hunt, they tend to ambush their prey. After biting them, they contrict their prey into death then take around 4 to 6 days to digest it.

Maxie Zeus kept a number of exotic beasts in his condo, including a Boa Constrictor. However, after going insane, he fashioned the snake as the mythic Hydra, a monster with multiple snake-like heads. Batman knocked the boa unconscious with one of his tools. Despite this encounter, the majority of boa are benign towards humans. The Kane Family Animal Act of Haley's Circus incorporated one. The heir to the act, Miranda Kane has an excellent level of control over it. Years later, Mad Hatter infiltrated the circus and impanted various animals with his mind control chips. When Kane began to investigate her animals, she discovered the truth. Hatter revealed himself and commanded her own boa to render her unconscious.