Black Mercy

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Real Identity: None
Appearances (JLU): For The Man Who Has Everything
Powers/Skills: Induced Fantasy and Above Average Strength
Voiced By:

A partially sentinent alien species that is best characterized as either a symbiotic or parasitic one. When it attaches itself to another living organism, an interesting effect was observed. It feeds off the pyschic waves given off and at the same time induces the organism into a life-like scenerio devised by the organism's greatest desires.

Mongul used the species to get revenge on Superman. Beamed down into the Fortress of Solitude disguised as a gift, Superman unwittingly opened it and the creature immediately attached itself to him. Superman's desire was to live a normal life on Krypton contrasting Mongul's speculation of it being Superman realizing his destiny as a ruler. After about a week, Batman and Wonder Woman arrived to celebrate Superman's birthday and attempted to use everything to sever the bond. After abandoning his utility belt, Batman tried calling out to Superman and waking him. The last ditch effort worked but Batman was the Black Mercy's next meal.

When it became attached to Batman, Batman's scenerio was watching his father fight back against the mugger who killed both him and his wife. Wonder Woman managed to pry off the Mercy and used it to defeat Mongul. Where the both reside has been unexplained but two possibilities are they still reside in the Fortress of Solitude or werebanished to the Phantom Zone like Doomsday was.