Alaskan Timberwolves

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Real Identity: None
Appearances (BTAS): Moon of the Wolf
Skills: Heightened senses, tracking and mauling
Voiced By:

Alaskan Timberwolves are famous for being valued specimens of the wolf species. The male has dark markings on their fur and weigh an average of 175 pounds while the females tend to have lighter markings and weigh 148 pounds or 20% less than males. They tend to hunt in pairs or packs. On rare occassion, they survive alone. Equipped with a strong back, narrow chest, and two layers of fur coats, they are known to overcome their prey with stamina rather than speed and can survive in almost every type of terrain.

A pair was captured and is on display at the Gotham Zoo. Dr. Milo was approached by Anthony Romulus to synthesize an untraceable steroid for him. Milo agreed and bribed the Gotham Zoo nightshift guard, John Hamner, to leave the locks to the timberwolf exhibit open. Dr. Milo then extracted a sufficient amount of timberwolf estrogen to create his steroid. However, an unrevealed side effect turned Romulus into a werewolf. As Batman set out to stop the werewolf, Detective Bullock deduced Hamner's part in the case and interrogated him near the timberwolves.