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Real Identity: Ace
Appearances (BB): Rebirth Part One, Part Two, Meltdown, Shriek, Deadman's Hand, The Winning Edge, A Touch of Curare, Splicers, Earthmover, Hooked Up, Mindgames, Revenant, Babel, Eyewitness, The Last Resort, The Eggbaby, Plague, April Moon, Sentries of the Lost Cosmos, Ace in the Hole, King's Ransom, Untouchable, Big Time, Out of the Past, The Call Part Two and Return of the Joker
Appearances (SS): Future Shock
Appearances (DC FanDome): Beyond Batman
Skills: Heightened senses, tracking and mauling
Voiced By: A dog

Sometime in the late 2040's, a Dane bitch gave birth to a liter of puppies in the Gotham Animal Clinic. One of the clini's employees, Maddie had an illegal side-business. He sold strays to Ronny Boxer and fixed papers so that the animals couldn't be traced. One of the Dane puppies was sold to Boxer, who set up dog fights. The puppy was subjected to abuse and turned into a hardened fighter. In the winter, a dog fight was interrupted by the Gotham City Police Department. In the aftermath, the Dane escaped and found itself in Crime Alley.

While eating a meat scrap, the Dane was witness to Bruce Wayne's annual visit to the site of his parents' murder. Wayne was to be assaulted by one of the Jokerz but the dog intervened and was injured. Wayne dispatched the Jokerz and decided to take the dog home. He named him Ace. Ever since, Ace remained at Wayne's side and never ran away. He was distrustful of any strangers, even Terry McGinnis, at first. On several occassions, Ace proved beneficial to Batman's cases. He tracked Dr. Cuvier to the abandoned Carmin's Taxidermy Studios, and even went against the Joker.

Ace recognized Ronny Boxer and pursued him. Ace eventually gave up and roamed the streets. He was soon captured by Maddie, who unwittingly tried to sell him to Boxer. Batman infiltrated a dog fight and while taking on a behemoth, Ace's cage was damaged enough for him to escape. Ace chased Boxer to the float's edge, where he was knocked overboard onto the ship's anchor.