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Real Identity: Zander
Affiliation(s): Kobra
Appearances (BB): Curse of the Kobra Part One and Part Two
Skills: Martial Arts and Strategy
Voiced By: Alexis Denisof

A major Kobra nest set about to create themselves the perfect leader. DNA was synthesized from labs and a baby spent nine months in an artifical womb. During that time, he was fed purified nutrients. From childhood, Zander was trained in multiple disciplines, from history, martial arts, strategy to splicing; he was groomed to lead his people. Under the tutelage of Kairi Tanaga, Zander became one of her most advanced students. However, the principles of Bushido, the warrior code, did little to retard his cult upbringing.

Zander was only human and suffered from lonliness. He was constantly surrounded by people telling him who he is and how to act. This feeling began to erode his resolution to lead a master plan to bring about a world ruled by Kobra. At Tanaga's dojo, he met Terry McGinnis and through him, Max Gibson. He was intrigued by her lack of respect and kidnapped her before executing the final stages of Kobra's plan. Zander revealed his origins and goals to Gibson in hopes of convincing her to join him. When Batman arrived and confronted him, Zander spliced himself into a dinosaur-human hybrid. Upon learning his former teacher, Tanaga, sabotaged Kobra's weapon of choice, the R12 Thermal Bomb, he berserked and fought to the death. The normal climate began to wear him down and gave Batman time to escape. Tanaga remained behind and perished with Zander as the Kobra vessel crashed and was destroyed.