Tony Zucco

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Real Identity: Tony Zucco
Appearances (BTAS): Robin's Reckoning Part One and Robin's Reckoning Part Two
Skills: Extortion
Voiced By: Thomas Wilson

Tony Zucco, the nephew of mob boss, Arnold Stromwell, ran an extortion racket in Gotham City. Zucco's latest scheme involved Haley's Circus but Mr. Haley dismissed Zucco. In return, he sabotaged the wire act of the Flying Graysons. The survivor, Dick Grayson, blamed himself for not warning anyone about Zucco. Grayson was placed under the care of Bruce Wayne. Meanwhile, as Batman, he relentlessly pursued Zucco. Grayson had plans of his own and secretly tracked Zucco to the Lower East Side. Grayson revealed himself by accident but Batman arrived. Instead of taking down Zucco, Batman saved Grayson from drowning. Zucco fled Gotham and layed low for nine years. Batman recognized Grayson's obsession with justice and took him on as a partner.

Zucco returned to Gotham under the alias of Billy Marin and was back to his extortion dealings. After Batman and Robin caught several of his henchmen, Batman forbade Robin from helping him on the case. Zucco, meanwhile, succombed from paranoia and became unhinged. He managed to injure Batman and stalked him through the nearby carnival grounds. Robin disobeyed orders and attacked Zucco. Robin stopped short of killing Zucco and spared him for the police to arrest.