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Real Identity: Josiah Wormwood
Appearances (BTAS): The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy
Skills: Death Traps
Voiced By: Bud Cort

Josiah Wormwood, the infamous Interrogater, is reputed for employing death traps to pry information out his contract targets. Wormwood was hired as an agent of the Quirian Emirates to steal $750,000 in bonds raised by the International Relief Consortium for eastern European refugees. He lured the diplomatic couruer, McWhirter to a sand trap and stored the bonds in a Pan-Europa Airways locker. Batman agreed to help Commissioner Gordon to bust Wormwood. He posed as one of Wormwood's close associates, the Baron. As the Baron, Batman contracted Wormwood to steal the cape and cowl of Batman.

Wormwood lured Batman to Traintown, a public display of antique trains. He utilized a hologram of a woman in peril but Batman escaped. He decided to use his ultimate death trap at the De Larves Wax Museum. It housed a 20,000 Watt bulb which was used to melt the wax and incapacitate its victims. Batman handed over the cape and cowl but retained his secret identity. Batman confronted Wormwood after implicating him in the bonds theft.