Willie Watt

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Real Identity: Willie Watt
Appearances (BB): Golem and Revenant
Powers: Psychokinesis
Voiced By: Scott McAfee

Willie Watt was part of Hamilton High School's out crowd but had a crush on Blade Sommers. Watt also had to suffer constant harassment by Nelson Nash. To make matters worse, Watt didn't have a picture perfect relationship with his father either. They were more or less total opposites. Moved to take up arms, Watt stole his father's Golem contruction robot. He used a control halo to make pneumatic commands and terrorized the Gotham Mall. After a run in with Batman, he discovered he could control the Golem without the halo. Willie Watt was arrested but not before destroying Hamilton High's Spring Fling dance. He was entenced to three years at a county facility.

While incarcerated, Watt had no visits from the outside world and kept to himself, scaring all of the other inmates. The incident with the Golem gifted Watt with psychokinesis, the power to move objects with the mind through pneumatics. He bidded his time and was to be released on good behavior. As the time came, Watt psychokinetically reached out and committed acts of vandalism in Hamilton High School. Suspicious of an unexpected meeting with Terry McGinnis, Watt broke out and went after Blade Sommers. Batman arrived with a sedative but couldn't get in proximity. He did the next best thing and used Watt's powers to his advantage. Watt knocked himseld out with a tree trunk. He was restrained with a power nullifying helmet and reincarcerated for a more extended sentence.