Grant Walker

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Real Identity: Grant Walker
Appearances (BTAS): Deep Freeze
Skills: Entertainment Business
Voiced By: Daniel O' Herlihy

Grant Walker was a wealthy theme park builder. In the later half of his career, Walker began to suffer from delusions of grandeur and fear of death. Walker became a major investor in GothCorp's cyrogenics program. Following Dr. Victor Fries' incident, Walker confiscated his research and the chamber housing Victor's wife, Nora. Over the years, he constructed Oceania, a prototype vision of his utopian future. With his Project Deep Freeze, Walker would use a cannon to put Oceania in stasis for five years, during which he believed society would destroy itself. Walker's health was ailing and feared the worst. He kidnapped Mr. Freeze and made a deal with him. In exchange for his wife, Mr. Freeze agreed to reinact the same incident that cursed Freeze and grant Walker immortality. Batman reasoned with Freeze who then instigated a main power core overload. Oceania was leveled. Walker was left frozen in a glacier to live out his life.