Virman Vunderbarr

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Real Identity: Virman Vunderbarr
Appearances: The Ties that Bind and Alive!
Skills: Military Strategy
Voiced By: Arte Johnson

One of Darkseid's most skilled soldiers, Vunderbarr quickly became a military leader but like many of Darkseid's minions, secretly plots against him to amass his own power. After a military campaign on Earth in the 19th century, Vunderbarr took on the likeness of the Prussian ideal.

Particularly short in stature, Vunderbarr rarely goes into battle personally, rather commanding his own troops with a relatively archaic, outdated form of tactics. Notably, Vunderbarr is constantly bested by Mr. Miracle.

When Darkseid went missing, Virman was one of the top ranking of Darkseid's elites to war for power. He managed to capture Kalibak and was proceeding to brainwash him to submitting to him until Mr. Miracle, Big Barda and the Flash intervened and succeeded in breaking Kalibak out. All of the X-Pit prison's traps set by Virman failed to stop Miracle and forced him to blow up the building and escape.