Gnaw and Sqweek Vermin

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Real Identity: Gnaw and Sqweek Vermin
Appearances (STAS): The Main Man Part One and Part Two
Skills: Weapons, Theft and Tracking
Voiced By: Don Harvey and David L. Lander

Gnaw and Sqweek Vermin are rat-like aliens that share a connection with the interstellar bounty hunting community. Gnaw Vermin is a bounty hunter and rival of Lobo. They both are often contracted by Emperor Spooj. On one occassion, Sqweek Vermin, Gnaw's younger brother, stole from Spooj. Lobo easily captured Sqweek but was absorbed into a larger conspiracy when the Presever contracted him. In the end, Lobo was exonerated and the Vermin's were dealt with by Spooj.