Ventriloquist & Scarface

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Real Identity: Arnold Wesker
Appearances (BTAS): Read My Lips, Trial, Lock Up, Catwalk, Double Talk and Over The Edge
Appearances (JL/U): A Better World Part Two
Skills: Strategy and Manipulation
Voiced By: George Dzundza

Arnold Wesker suffered from multiple personality disorder. Wesker's dominant, psychopathic personality manifested in the doll and called itself "Scarface." Fashioning himself as a gangster, Scarface began to issue out orders to Wesker to commit crimes. Wesker came to be known as the Ventriloquist. Together with Scarface, the duo became an oddity in Gotham City's underworld and organized timed heists that would net them large monetary gains in one fell swoop. They attacked non-traceable goods such as bonds and gold. Batman interfered and in the battle, Scarface was "killed" in a hail of bullets. Scarface merely bidded his time.

Often, when the chance presented itself and a new plan was formulated, Scarface would return and the Ventriloquist would carve a new body. Veronica Vreeland held an exhibit in memory of a late relative, that showed off stuffed trophies of endangered and extinct animals. Scarface knew that the heist would fail due to logistics. He recruited Selina Kyle into a partnership. Longing for a return to her life as Catwoman, Kyle agreed. While Kyle was framed, Scarface's men made off with the animals. He went ahead and began fencing them off to the highest bidder, including the Penguin. Catwoman and Batman arrived to clear the crime. Scarface was once again killed.

Wesker finally went through rehabilitation at Arkham Asylum and was cleared. He was given an apartment at Wayne Gardens Halfway House and got a new job as a mail clerk at Wayne Enterprises. Settling into his new life, Wesker encountered Rhino & Mugsy, Scarface's henchmen. Scarface, meanwhile, lay dormant waiting for the right time to pull another heist. Rhino & Mugsy prematurely awakened him. During the robbery, Scarface rewarded their insolence by leaving them to die. Wesker finally asserted himself and killed Scarface, hopefully once and for all.

In a parallel dimension, Scarface and the Ventriloquist's fate was a far different solution. When Superman began lobotimizing the world's supervillains, the Ventriloquist was spared. Instead, Scarface was. As a result, both were rendered docile.