Vandal Savage (Earth-X)

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Real Identity: Vandal Savage
Affiliations: Fourth Reich
Appearances (JLI Comics): The Mirror Crack'd Part Two and The Mirror Crack'd Part Five
Powers/Skills: Slowed Aging
Voiced By: Not Applicable

In a parallel universe known as Earth-X, Vandal Savage revived the Nazi Party in 1960 and brought America to its knees. He conquered the world then instituted the Fourth Reich. Savage took on the title of "Great Leader" but to some, he was just a fascist dictator. At one point, he kidnapped a Martian named J'onn J'onzz from Mars. He amplified J'onn's telepathy to manipulate enemies of the Reich, control the populace, and see into the future. He called J'onn his oracle. Savage tortured him over and over until his mind finally collapsed inward and he was of no use anymore. Savage discovered, raised and exploited an alien infant to be the monstrous embodiment of an imagined master race. He was raised on fascist rhetoric and Savage's own observations like, "every crisis provides a significant opportunity." He took on the name Overman and served the Fourth Reich.

Overman was betrayed by his love, Lois Lane, and he was forced to execute her. A vulnerable monster was a threat to the Reich so Savage's scientists performed a procedure that buried his love and grief so deep in the corners of his psyche that he forgot about those feelings. At some point, Brainiac, the alien artifical intelligence, was conquered by Savage and reprogrammed to serve the Reich. Cities were covered in propaganda like "He Will Always Triumph" and "Never Question Never Doubt Follow!" and imagery of Savage and the Reich, while rhetoric like how the Reich was invincible and eternal was spouted. 25,000 years of life caught up to Savage. He realized he wasn't immortal but rather had the power of slowed aging and it finally caught up to him. He kept his condition hidden from his own military, Overman, and the populace. In his place, robots fashioned after his youthful appearance were used.

The Freedom Fighters, Superman of Earth-D, and another alternate Superman stormed Savage's fortress. They encountered a slew of robots that looked like Vandal Savage and made short work of them. They proceeded to the throne room and discovered the real Vandal Savage was a withered old man. Savage was more concerned with the end of the Multiverse at hand coinciding with him facing his own mortality. Zod realized he deceived his own military, the populace, and Overman with the robots but declared he would still stand trial. Savage fatally stabbed Zod through with a blade concealed in his cane just so he would die before he did. Doomsday grabbed him and prepared to punch Savage to death but Superman stopped him and implored him to honor Zod's wishes. Metallo agreed. Doomsday dropped Zod and stated he would spare him in Zod's name. They were suddenly rocked by a psychic force sent out by the Oracle. While Metallo and Doomsday guarded Savage, the Supermen searched the fortress and discovered the Oracle.