Vandal Savage

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Real Identity: Vandal Savage
Appearances: The Savage Time Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Maid of Honor Part One, Part Two and Hereafter Part Two
Powers: Immortality
Voiced By: Phil Morris

Over 25,000 years ago, a cave man witnessed a meteor descending upon the Earth way up in the sky. He slept near the meteor for warmth but the rays had an unanticipated effect on him. He gained immortality. Over the centuries, Savage came to believe that he was destined to one day take over the planet. Savage has held power many a time during history. The Justice League first encountered him when he attempted to take over the world with futuristic technology during World War II. Savage was defeated by the Justice League but he survived and maintained the public persona of being the grandson of the first Vandal Savage, a munitions expert in the Nazi party, and works as a philanthropist, while using a secret European network to amass political and military power to take over the world.

Other plans of his included hijacking the International Space Station, blackmailing the world and stealing a piece of a White Dwarf star from Dr. Ray Palmer in Ivytown. He was stopped on all occasions by the League, though.

Superman once met a future version of Savage who was the sole human survivor of Earth. Savage was responsible for the deaths of all humans and having had thousands of years to think about it, seeks forgiveness. He is able to send Superman back in time to prevent the death of Earth's people and finally get redemption.