Salvatore Valestra

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Real Identity: Salvatore "The Weasel" Valestra
Appearances (BTAS): Mask of the Phantasm
Skills: Underworld Activity
Voiced By: Abe Vigoda

Salvatore Valestra was once one of the top mob bosses in Gotham City. Much to his namesake, Valestra is slick and underhanded. However, he garnered a vast network of connections including that of Hamilton Hill. Valestra was one of three mobsters embezzled by the late Carl Beaumont. Beaumont managed to convince Valestra to spare his life. Somewhere along the span of 10 years, frequent smoking and a decadent lifestyle caught up with Valestra and he suffered a stroke. In poor health, Valestra lost his lofty perch in the mob hierarchy. He retired to his home near Denny Drive.

The murders of Chuckie Sol and Buzz Bronski prompted him to confront Arthur Reeves, but to no avail. Desperate and with no options, Valestra sought out the Joker, the only other person connected to Beaumont still alive and the only one capable of stopping Batman. The Joker obliged and killed Valestra. His body was rigged with a camera set and high explosives. The Joker discovered it wasn't Batman behind the murders but blew up Valestra, anyway.