Robert Vance

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Real Identity: Robert Vance
Appearances (BB): Lost Soul
Skills: Technology and Business
Voiced By: Stacey Keach

Robert Vance was once one of the elite businessmen based in Gotham City. Famous for pioneering the field of digital technology, Vance was cutting edge. He even had a government contract to sell his technology to the Justice League Unlimited. With enough sway, Vance had his son employed at the Watchtower as a technician. Though unspecified, it seemed Vance's loyalties were with the government as his young son was a mole given the ability to mask his thoughts from J'onn Jonzz.

In his twilight, Vance suffered from a dehabilitating brain disorder. His bold solution was to immortalize himself by digitizing his own brain pulses. Whether this truly was Vance or just an artifical intelligence program is unknown, the end result was intended to be the guiding light for the company. Instead, the top level executives opted to turn him off.

35 years later, Vance's grandson Bobby reactivated the program. It easily fooled the child to give it access to the company system. Vance moved through the city hoarding data and updating itself. Vance then came up with a plan to transfer its consciousness into Bobby Vance's brain. He even took over the Batsuit to carry it out. Terry McGinnis overloaded the suit with a high powered magnet and manually deleted Vance from existence.