James Van Dyle

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Real Identity: James Van Dyle
Appearances (BB): Speak No Evil
Skills: Hunting, Tracking and Marksmanship
Voiced By: Reiner Schoene

James Van Dyle was a world famous conservationist and runs the Wildlife Way Station for orphaned species near Gotham City. In reality, Van Dyle was a poacher and sold specimens to the highest bidder. He and his men simply removed government radio transmitters, embedded under the skin, from the animals but never recorded the transactions. From an unrevealed incident, Van Dyle had one of his eyes replaced with a cybernetic implant, which can see in most light spectrums, including infrared.

Years ago, Van Dyle and his men kidnapped a gorilla and several offspring. However, one of the gorillas was later injected with splicing catalyst and given human DNA. Named Fingers, the gorilla remembered Van Dyle and wanted to know where his mother was sent. Batman convinced Fingers to wait until dawn while he investigated the waystation. Bruce Wayne, meanwhile, contacted Commissioner Gordon on route to the airport. Batman was captured but saved by Fingers, who then nearly killed Van Dyle.