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Real Identity: Unity
Appearances (STAS): Unity
Powers: Shapeshifting, Super Strength and Energy Absorption
Voiced By: Stephen Root

Unity was a pair of parasitic aliens that traveled throughout the universe. It would take on a familiar form to the planet's inhabitants and promise absolute bliss. The victims became receptors to miniature parasites that wrapped itself around the brain stem. Spores would feed off of the electrical impulses in the nervous system. The victim would periodically return to one of the aliens and feed it.

Unity arrived on Earth. The male mate took on the identity of a traveling priest, Reverend Amos Howell. Kara Kent passed him while on route to Metropolis. Unity soon took over the residents of Smallville and planned to spread throughout the United States. Supergirl and Superman discovered their X-Ray vision was the only weapon against severing Unity's connection to its victims. After the Unity aliens were destroyed, its victims reverted back to normal.