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Real Identity: Jax-Ur
Appearances (STAS): Blasts From the Past Part One, Part Two and Absolute Power
Powers: Same as Superman's
Voiced By: Ron Perlman

Jax-Ur was the high general, in service to the Council, of Krypton's military. Jax-Ur concluded that the Council was aloof and in need of reformation. He staged a coup and seized power. Jax-Ur planned to begin a campaign to conquer planet after planet. A young scientist named Jor-El defeated Jax-Ur and restored order. Jax-Ur was given a life sentence and exiled to the Phantom Zone. The Zone, which vibrates at its own unique frequency, was a dimension reserved for the most dangerous of Krypton's enemies.

Decades later, Superman decided to release Jax-Ur's sub-ordinate (and lover), Mala. When Mala's aggression and behavior became apparent, Superman and Professor Hamilton wanted to return her to the Phantom Zone. Mala overheard the conversation and knocked Hamilton out. At a STAR Labs retreat, Mala freed Jax-Ur. He set out to conquer Earth but was opposed by Superman. Hamilton built a duplicate Phantom Zone projector and the two were returned.

Years later, two meteors collided near a black hole about six light years away from Earth. A rift in the Phantom Zone was created. Jax-Ur and Mala escaped but were danger of dying in space. They were saved by scientists. Jax-Ur soon took control of the planet and instituted a totalitarian government to instill his brand of order. The planet's functions were split between a co-op economy and schooling. An automated armada was built up to invade Earth. Superman saved a ship of rebels and discovered Jax-Ur's intentions. Jax-Ur and Mala were caught in a black hole and believed dead.