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Real Identity: Harvey Dent
Appearances (BTAS): On Leather Wings, Pretty Poison, Two-Face Part One, Two-Face Part Two, Fear of Victory, The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne, Dreams in Darkness, Almost Got 'Im, Fire from Olympus, Shadow of the Bat Part One, Shadow of the Bat Part Two, Trial, Riddler's Reform, Second Chance, Batgirl Returns, Sins of the Father and Judgement Day
Appearances (BB): Terry's Friend Dates a Robot (Synthoid)
Appearances (JL/U): A Better World Part Two (Alternate Version)
Skills: Criminal Genius (Manipulation, Strategy)
Voiced By: Richard Moll

Harvey Dent was once the charming Gotham City District Attorney who tirelessly pursued justice without breaking the rules. Outside of office hours, Dent painted the town red with his best friend, Bruce Wayne. Together, they partied all night and into the morning hours. During the day, they promoted altruism. The two backed and broke ground for Gotham's newest prison complex. The land allocated for the prison was home to the endangered wild thorn rose. Five years later, Pamela Isley carried out revenge by seducing Dent then applying a poison through her lipstick. Batman was able to defeat Isley and save Dent with an anti-toxin.

Dent recovered and fell in love with Grace Lamont. The two became engaged during Dent's latest bid for re-election. However, the pressures of the campaign and his own crusade against mob boss Rupert Thorne began to unhinge Dent's inner rage. It turned out that he was secretly seeing a psychiatrist, Dr. Crest, for years about a childhood incident. Dent punched out a local bully and feeling guilty, he repressed his anger. Soon, the anger manifested as a second personality. Thorne's aid, Candice uncovered his medical files and it was used to blackmail Dent. He went to one of Thorne's chemical plants and confronted the mobster alone. Batman intervened and a gun fight proceeded. Dent was caught in an accidental chemical explosion. Half of Dent's face was disfigured and Two-Face took over.

As Two-Face, he organized hits on Thorne's illegal rackets for six months. His targets were based on Two-Face's obsession with the concept of duality. Any front that suggested a dual nature was his prey. Each decision outside the plan was decided by the flip of his lucky silver dollar. The dollar is much like its owner, one face is clean and polished, while the other is ugly and branded with scars. Two-Face still harbored feelings for his fiancee, Lamont. Thorne capitalized on this and used Lamont to track down Two-Face. Batman, feeling responsible for Dent's transformation, tried to stop Thorne and Two-Face. Using a cache of silver dollars, Batman overwhelmed Two-Face's mind.

Two-Face became an underworld figure in the mob. He soon hatched a two part scheme. Using Gil Mason, a mirror of his former self, Two-Face manipulated the Gotham Police into hunting and arresting Rupert Thorne. Two-Face would then consolidate control of Thorne's gangs. Commissioner Gordon was implicated in a bribery scandal and Mason would ascend to the top position. Two-Face would run Gotham City. However, Gordon's arrest caught the attention of Batman and spawned a third vigilante, Batgirl. A confrontation ensued at the Bayshore Wharf where Two-Face was defeated again.

In Arkham Asylum, Dent apparently made progress and regained control. Bruce Wayne funded an operation to physically restore Dent to normal. Dent's control was short-lived. Two-Face secretly engineered his escape. Batman discovered it was neither Rupert Thorne nor the Penguin that staged it. Batman and Robin stopped Two-Face at the Half Moon Club, an former hangout of Dent and Wayne's.

Some time later, Two-Face expanded to drug smuggling from Santa De La Rosa, a small country in South America. He couldn't resist doubling a two million dollar investment. The operation was discovered by a traveling Dick Grayson. Grayson retreated to the nearby jungle and encountered the Los Invisibales tribe. Two months later, Grayson infiltrated Two-Face's factory and destroyed the drug supply. Two-Face got away and returned to Gotham. Soon after, he came up with an extortion scheme. Coming into the possession of two chemicals, when combined, that form a nerve gas, Two-Face planned on blackmailing Gotham for $22 million. One of his former henchman, Shifty Drake betrayed Two-Face and hid one of the chemicals at the Gotham Airport. Two-Face found Shifty's son, Tim and later killed Shifty near Metropolis. Batman and Batgirl went to the abandoned Janus Movie Theater to stop Two-Face. Drake arrived in the first Robin suit. The three prevented a near massacre.

The years of Two-Face suppressing Dent's personality had its own consequence. A third personality emerged to fight crime plaguing Gotham. This third, the Judge was completely separate from Two-Face and Harvey Dent. At its choosing, the Judge dominates over the two and takes on its outfit and attacks various members of the super villain fringe. The Judge initially won the support of the people and allied with DA J Corcoran. The Judge discovered Corcoran's corruption and attempted to kill him until Batman arrived.