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Real Identity: James Jesse
Appearances: Flash and Substance
Skills: Inventions
Voiced By: Mark Hamill

James Jesse was a trapeze artist with the stage name of Giovanni Giuseppe. However, Jesse had a fear of heights. He created a pair of "air walker shoes" that allowed him to safely perform his death defying feats. Jesse eventually became a criminal and as the Trickster, employed ridiculous gadgets of his own creation. He considers himself a showman and devises only the most elaborate death traps for his enemy, the Flash. However, his art form are considered moot by others.

After teaming up with Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold and Mirror Master, the Trickster was abandoned. Apparently his dog vomit scheme just wasn't up to par. He drowned his sorrows at the 4th Street bar haven for super villains. Trickster soon was met by the Flash, Orion and Batman. Flash reasoned with Trickster and learned what the other super villain's plan was. Flash left Trickster to turn himself in.