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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Legion of Doom
Appearances (STAS): Fun and Games and Obsession
Appearances (JL/U): Hereafter Part One, I am Legion, the Great Brain Robbery, Alive! and Destroyer
Appearances (SS): Toys in the Hood
Skills: Weapons
Voiced By: Bud Cort and Corey Burton

Some decades ago, a brilliant toymaker dreamed of starting his own business; however, Winslow Schott didn't have the funds. He was approached by the Intergang leader, Bruno Mannheim. In exchange for building the factory, Mannheim would be allowed to run a numbers racket. Schott and his son prospered for some time. The police soon made a bust on the racket and Schott was arrested. Bruno Mannheim escaped prosecution, which was probably due to a highly paid team of lawyers. Schott was given a 10 year sentence but died before finishing his term.

Schott's son's life was shattered. He went from foster home to foster home. The son didn't forget what Mannheim did and plotted revenge. Much like his father, Schott nurtured an above average engineering skill. He called himself Toyman. Most likely, Toyman survived over the years as a contract assassin. His targets would be caught off guard by weapons disguised as toys.

Soon after Superman's debut in Metropolis, Toyman made his move on Bruno Mannheim. First, Toyman disrupted an Intergang operation to humuliate Mannheim. Then, he attacked Mannheim while he was on hand at the opening of a park in his name. It was being covered by Clark Kent who carefully used his heat vision to disable Toyman's attack planes. Toyman became the subject of Lois Lane's byline. Lane consulted with a police psychologist on a preliminary profile of Toyman. He was characterized as an "emotionally stunted, amoral narcissist with paranoid delusions, desperately seeking external validation through anti-social behavior." Lois Lane was kidnapped from her own apartment after she was knocked out by a Princess Nighty Night doll.

Toyman decided to hold an execution for Mannheim. Lane was on hand to properly document it and Toyman. Meanwhile, Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen were growing concerned with Lane's unannounced disappearance. Olsen introduced Kent to the cross-index option in the Daily Planet's computer system. They descovered the connection between Mannheim and Schott. Superman flew to the Schott farmhouse and confronted Toyman. Toyman attempted to kill Superman with Dopey Doh. In reality, it was a lethal biogenic organism. Upon contact, it wouldn't stop growing until it asphixiated its victim. Superman easily escaped the Doh by spinning himself. Toyman activated a self-destruct program. In the debris, his mask was recovered.

Toyman dreamed of companionship. He created one based off of his father's Darcy doll, the perfect ideal of a woman. Darcy Mason was gifted with artificial intelligence but she began to resent her life. Toyman treated her like any other toy. To her, it was worse. She felt like a prisoner. Secretly, Toyman built in a failsafe in Mason, she couldn't kill him. Instead, Mason ran away and became a fashion model. It didn't take long for Toyman to track her down in Metropolis. Superman interfered and Toyman escaped with Mason in a helicopter. Still unable to kill Toyman, Mason opted to destroy the helicopter. Both escaped certain death.

Toyman resurfaced in Metropolis and made a pact with Metallo, Kalibak, Livewire and Weather Wizard to get revenge kill Superman. Toyman was to rig together a device designed to deliver the finishing blow. His toy was completed in mid-battle, capable of disintegration. Toyman had created a device that improvised an energized takion stream, instead. Toyman was almost killed by Wonder Woman but the Flash persuaded her to spare him.

Darcy Mason lived life on the run for years. She settled in Dakota City, Michigan as a school teacher. Toyman discovered her. She made a pact with him, to be made human. Toyman obliged and set out to create a duplication device in an abandoned Finnegan's Mannequins warehouse. Meanwhile, Mason would choose someone to replace. Superman followed a lead to Dakota City and unraveled Mason's plan with Static's help. Toyman was able to create an exact nanite duplicate and had a defense in store against Superman, toy soldiers whose plastic was mixed with Kryptonite. Mason soon made a bid to escape with her new body. She was soon stopped when a new failsafe activated. If Mason betrayed Toyman, the nanites would liquefy her body. He destroyed the only cure and was taken away by the police.

Toyman was later recruited to the Legion of Doom. When Lex Luthor learned Brainiac still existed in another galaxy, he rigged the Legion headquarters into a space ship. Luthor drafted Toyman as the ship's navigator. Toyman was one of a handful of super villains to survive Darkseid's return and later helped defend Earth against the invading Apokoliptian forces.