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Real Identity: Tina
Appearances (STAS): Superman's Pal
Skills: Espionage and Hand to Hand Fighting
Voiced By: Dina Sherman

Not much is known about Tina. She could have been affiliated with Intergang during the time they restored Metallo. Somehow, she provided Metallo with a new shard of Kryptonite for his power source. She might have also been an employee at Metropolis' scrap yeard, north of the city and spared Metallo's life. While Metallo waited, Tina was to infiltrate the Daily Planet as an intern and work under Lois Lane. Lane would be used as bait to lure Superman to the yard. However, that plan fell flat. Lane wouldn't take Tina on. Instead, she attached herself to Jimmy Olsen, who had recently received the title of "Superman's Pal." Tina was arrested following Metallo's defeat.