Thoth Khepera

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (BTAS): Avatar
Powers: Near Limit-less Power(Life Draining, Re-animation) and Near Immortality
Voiced By: Nichelle Nicholos

Thoth Khepera was an ancient queen of two continents, Africa and Europe. Khepera possessed the power of the gods and could control the forces of life and death. An immortal, Khepera ruled for 1000 years. Her name originates from the gods of infinite knowledge and eternal life. Khepera was most likely, a demon that fed off the life force of her followers. A rebellion eventually happened and she was sealed away in Egypt's Canyon of the Tombs.

For 500 years, Ra's al Ghul obsessively tried to decipher and locate the tomb. Once he did, he believed to be able to receive her power. Ra's stole the last half of the Scroll of Osiris, the oldest known Egyptian document. From a hidden sanctuary in Cairo, Ra's completed the translation. In the Tombs, Ra's uncovered Khepera's sarchapogus, but the scrolls instantly crumbled to dust upon contact. Ra's found a hidden entrance and met Thoth Khepera. She obliged Ra's and proceeded to drain him of his life. Batman and Talia intervened and incited a cave-in that killed Khepera. Afterwards, Ra's soon regained his life force.