The T's

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (BB): Joyride and Where's Terry?
Skills: Theft
Voiced By: To Be Announced

The T's are a rival street gang of the Jokerz and have fought each other for years. The gang's origins are unknown but members wear white makeup over their body and bear a T painted on their face, perhaps a grotesque homage to the superhero Mr. Terrific. They are led by Fat T, who is of larger build than the thinner and taller members.

When a sub-gang of Jokerz hijacked an experimental government vehicle, they went to the old subway station and attacked the T's at their main headquarters. Batman was able to override the vehicle's reactor breach and save the T's. Months later, Batman went missing. Bruce Wayne and Max Gibson followed a gang of T's who were in possession of Terry McGinnis' backpack. Wayne interrogated the T's after they tried to jump him.