Terrific Trio

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Real Identity: Dr. Mike Morgan, Dr. Mary Michaels and Stewart Lowe
Appearances (BB): Heroes
Powers: Magma Body, Freezing, Levitation, and 2-Dimensionality

At Gotham's Bayridge Research Center, four brilliant physicists were employed, Dr. Mike Morgan, Mary Michaels and Stewart Lowe. During a particle fusion experiment, a fourth member, Dr. Hodges was called away, knowing full well that it was dangerous at critical mass. As predicted, the radiation couldn't be contained. The three researchers mutated. Morgan became the volcanic behemoth Magma, Michaels the gaseous Freon and Lowe, the 2-D Man.

Through government contacts, the three formed the Terrific Trio, a group of superheroes and they occupied the high tech Trio Tower. They debuted when thieves made off with T-7 Chips from M Technologies and left Batman out of the spotlight. Dr. Hodges and his government co-conspirator discovered from DNA scans that the Trio's physical condition was rapidly dterioting with the chance of psychotic breakdown. The Trio found out themselves and the various lies and manipulations that took place. Their solution was to turn the entire city into a radioactive hot zone. Batman entered the Tower and defeated the Trio before they could complete their plan.

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