Terrible Trio

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Real Identity: Warren, Arnie and Gunther
Appearances (BTAS): The Terrible Trio
Skills: Hunting, Theft and Strategy
Voiced By: (Vulture) David Jolliffe, (Fox) Bill Mumy and (Shark) Peter Scolari

The Terrible Trio were three young Gotham socialites bored with their wealth. Together, they pursued the most dangerous hobbies, but to no avail. They turned to crime and the thrill of escaping without being caught. The Trio fashioned themselves as the predators of land, sea and air, the Vulture, Fox and Shark. These aspects mirrored their parents' businesses, shipping, aeronautics and oil drilling. The leader was in a relationship with Rebecca Fallbrook and sought to steal from her father, Sheldon. Sheldon Fallbrook was still in town and was critically injured. The leader stole one of his keepsakes, later recognized by Rebecca. Batman tracked the Trio to their snowy retreat and captured them. Despite boasting a high powered lawyer team, the Trio was convicted and sent off to prison.