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Real Identity: Carter Wilson
Affiliation(s): The Jokerz
Appearances (BB): Hidden Agenda
Skills: Technology and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Michael Rosenbaum

Carter Wilson attended Hamilton High School and was even the class president. However, he was constantly berated by his mother to pursue perfection. On the GAT standardized tests, he scored second and was scolded for it. The maternal pressures in the Wilson household bred a new Jokerz, Terminal. His outfit, a grotesque composition of black and white seems to mock the idea of perfection as does his name.

Nursing a grudge, Terminal began to focus his gang towards attacking Max Gibson, the only student to score higher than him. At the same time, Gibson was running a search program to discover who Batman is. In an attempt to find out who Terminal was, Gibson was convinced he was Terry McGinnis. She sent an ultimatum to McGinnis to meet her at a secluded area only to be stalked by the Jokerz. Terminal and his gang were defeated and arrested.